We ask our students and parents to adhere to the following policies.

River City maintains accreditation for professional services supplied. There are fees associated by some of these associations. Where applicable, up to date details will be itemised in your welcome package. It is a requirement for all Membership fees to be paid prior to commencement of classes. Registration details, insurances and payment options will be provided in your Welcome Package emailed to your nominated email address.  We use third party professional and secure payment options. We understand the need for flexibility. The options available are designed to provide flexibility where necessary. Terms and Conditions may apply. Please note payment plans can be made available. These are maintained two weeks in advance. Cancellation of plans must be given with two weeks notice.

Discounts apply for students who choose to participate in more than one programme on offer. Please contact us for details.

Available times and fee schedules are available on the LexieJ booking app.

Classes place people in close association. We ask that, if ill, students do not attend classes and notify us by email on [email protected]

In circumstances where classes are missed due to illness or unavoidable circumstances we offer make up classes. Make-up classes are available upon arrangement dependent upon availability of another suitable class. Make-up lessons must be completed in the same term as the missed lesson and limited to a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term. In the event of venue interruption or classes being cancelled we will offer an alternative option.

River City commits to providing feedback and progress reports. Individual students progress at different rates. This is dependent on many factors such as speed of skills attainment, learning styles, hours available for training, etcetera. Our coaches take the need to progress and nurture their students in a positive way. From time to time this may mean automatic advancement to a higher level is not recommended or progress may be accelerated in line with attainment. We aim to provide feedback so good understanding of progress is in place and parents are involved in planning for their children. Feedback is available by requesting an appointment with coaches via [email protected]

Pre-existing or new conditions that may impact safety must be notified to River City Head Office prior to undertaking further classes. All potentially serious medical conditions require an agreed action plan that Instructors and Coaches can follow. As a safety consideration the club reserves the right to refuse class participation to any persons that show signs of illness.

Our staff have dedicated themselves to acquiring their qualifications and attaining high levels of experience. During classes they deliver planned training sessions and need to apply focus and attention on their students. We respectfully ask that there is no interruption or interference with delivery of their classes.

River City adheres to a strict policy of safety and respect for staff and students. No abuse will be tolerated. We adhere to child safety policies established by Gymnastics Australia.  Further details can be found on Commitment Statement (gymnastics.org.au)

Open classes will be periodically scheduled to allow parents to view training.  At other times, with the exception of Kindergym, classes are closed to parent viewing to allow coaches to give their undivided attention to students.