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Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Rhythmic gymnastics is the perfect combination of sport and art, linking expressive dance steps with skillful manipulations of the ball, rope, ribbons, hoops or clubs; throw, spin, spiral, roll and catch.

This fun, creative and dynamic discipline:

  • Develops posture and confident body movement for sport and life
  • Enhances coordination and agility, for body awareness and balance
  • Enhances creativity and builds self-confidence
  • Increases flexibility and strength
  • Prepares young students for life’s future challenges
  • Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life
  • Foster friendship, teamwork and positive social skills

Classes are taught by highly experienced, accredited instructors who foster an environment of positivity as well as producing quality young athletes.

Class Descriptions:

Level 1 & 2: This is our foundation-level class. This is an exciting class where gymnasts learn the basic principles of rhythmic gymnastics and simple routines whilst having fun. Inter-club competitions available at this level.

Level 3 & 4: Gymnasts are able to learn beautiful rhythmic routines which allows them to have the opportunity to participate in Inter-Club & State competitions.

Level 5-8: Gymnasts are now learning more complex routines. These levels have the exciting opportunity to participate in Inter-Club, State and National competitions.

Level 9-10/Junior/Senior: Gymnasts are now learning advanced and complex routines. These levels have the exciting opportunity to participate in Inter-Club, State, National and International competitions

*Please be advised that if your gymnast wishes to be on the competitive team, a minimum number of hours is required (levels based) at training each week.

Why choose River City for Rhythmic Gymnastics lessons?

We produce competition-level gymnasts who are invited to participate at state level, and we also welcome recreational students who want to burn off energy and test their abilities.

  • We have created a safe, nurturing experience supported by accreditation with established governing bodies
  • From entry level to international, we provide coaching that is aligned with age and experience
  • Students can follow specific, goal oriented training as a recreational or competition based development pathway
  • Our highly experienced and skilled coaches have worked all over Australia and around the world. They align instruction with personal goals so each child can attain a sense of enjoyment and achievement.
Rhythmic Gymnastics Murarrie
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Our rhythmic gymnastics studio is now taking enrollments at our main studio in Murrarrie.

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