Learn Contemporary Dance

Flowing Movements & Self-Expression

Contemporary lessons will extend your child’s dance abilities.

Contemporary dance classes for children invite young spirits into a world of boundless expression.

These sessions go beyond traditional forms, encouraging self-discovery and individuality. Students explore a fusion of movements, blending elements from various dance styles.

In contemporary dance lessons, emphasis is placed on fluidity, creativity and improvisation, allowing young dancers to unleash their imagination. The choreography often draws inspiration from everyday gestures and emotions, making the experience relatable and enjoyable.

We provide world-class instructors who help students expand on their dance skills in a positive and welcoming environment.

Why choose River City for contemporary dance lessons?

Contemporary dance for children is not just about steps; it’s a canvas for self-expression, fostering a love for movement and a unique dance language.

  • We provide a safe, nurturing experience supported by accreditation with established governing bodies
  • From entry level to advanced students, the coaching we provide aligns with age and experience
  • A broad base of dance streams allows for entry level fun and excitement, through to specific goal orientated training
  • Students have the option to swap between dance styles, providing greater choice and experiences
  • Our highly experienced and skilled instructors know how to align instruction with personal goals to attain a sense of enjoyment and achievement for your child in their chosen path
  • Students have the option to compete and perform on stage
Contemporary Dance Classes Murarrie
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Our contemporary dance studio is now taking enrollments at our main studio in Murrarrie.

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