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Have Fun and Move To the Beat

Kids love these high-energy classes!

Hip-hop dance classes for children are a vibrant immersion into the rhythm and energy of urban culture. These sessions bring the beats to life, teaching young dancers the dynamic moves and grooves of hip-hop.

From breaking and locking to popping and freestyling, kids with plenty of energy love these dynamic classes.

Our instructors infuse classes with a mix of choreography and freestyle, encouraging self-expression and individual style. We encourage a friendly, fun environment.

Why choose River City for ballet lessons?

Hip-hop classes instill a sense of rhythm, coordination, and confidence. We love to see them developing their skills!

  • We provide a safe, nurturing experience supported by accreditation with established governing bodies
  • From entry level to advanced students, the coaching we provide aligns with age and experience
  • A broad base of dance streams allows for entry level fun and excitement, through to specific goal orientated training
  • Students have the option to swap between dance styles, providing greater choice and experiences
  • Our highly experienced and skilled instructors know how to align instruction with personal goals to attain a sense of enjoyment and achievement for your child in their chosen path
  • Students have the option to compete and perform on stage
Hip-hop Dance Classes Murarrie
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Our hip hop dance studio is now taking enrollments at our main studio in Murrarrie.

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