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Learn routines and compete alongside your peers

Fast and dynamic, aerobics helps high-energy students develop their strength, agility and flexibility.

Students who learn aerobics:

  • Develop agility, coordination and self confidence
  • Build strength and flexibility, preparing the body for life’s challenges
  • Enjoy training that is modern, fast paced and intense
  • Love being part of something that is exciting, creative and aesthetically pleasing to watch
  • Develop aerobic endurance in a fun and entertaining environment

Train to perform as an individual or with a team.

Class Descriptions:

Level 2-3 Mini and Recreational: This is our foundation level, 1-hour class. This is an exciting class where gymnasts ages 5-7 years old learn the basic principles of aerobics gymnastics. Gymnasts will learn the Gymnastics Australia set routines with the opportunity to compete at local and state competitions. This class is perfect for beginners wanting to try aerobics.

Level 3-5 Junior: This 2-hour class builds on the foundations. Gymnasts ages 8+ will learn more complex routines with the opportunity to compete at local, state and national competitions.

Level 6+: Gymnasts in this class are learning advanced and complex routines. These levels have the exciting opportunity to participate in Inter-Club, State, National and International competitions. This 2-3 hour class is by invitation only and is for the most advanced gymnasts.

Aerodance: Aerodance is an exciting fusion of aerobics, hip hop dance and acrobatics. Gymnastics of all ages and abilities can participate in aerodance as individuals, trios and groups.

* Please be advised that if your gymnast wishes to be on the competitive team a minimum number of hours is required (levels based) at training each week.

Why choose River City for aerobics lessons?

We are a FIG accredited aerobics club, delivering aerobics training in the most widely recognised and respected national and international gymnastics community.

  • We have created a safe, nurturing experience supported by accreditation with established governing bodies
  • From entry level to advanced, we provide coaching that is aligned with age and experience
  • Students can follow specific, goal oriented training as a recreational or competition based development pathway
  • Our highly experienced and skilled instructors know how to align instruction with personal goals to attain a sense of enjoyment and achievement for your child.
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