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Can dance assist the development of preschool age children?

In this article River City Gymnastics and Dance explores these potential benefits for preschoolers and what they can gain from JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP and Ballet on offer in Murarrie, Seven Hills, Cannon Hill, Hawthorne, Morningside and Bulimba.

Deciding an activity for your preschooler from the range of activities on offer can be a challenging task.  In this article we will attempt to summarise some of the benefits of activities available to parents for toddlers to preschoolers and focus in on preschool dance.

Dance offer a wealth of benefits for children’s development. Benefits reported fall under three broad categories, Physical development, Cognitive development and Social-Emotional development

With regard to Physical Development dance encourages various movements which enhance motor skills. Stretching during dance improves muscle flexibility, promoting overall health. Dancing also helps build muscle strength, contributing to an active life. Exercise has been shown to assist Cognitive Development with learning dance sequences improving short-term memory, a wonderful advantage of benefit in all aspects of learning. It is also claimed that choreography of new dance moves enhances problem-solving skills. Social-Emotional Development is helped from a sense of space and body movement allowing self-expression and imagination to flow into choreography of the dance. This also helps use of creativity. At River City Gymnastics and Dance we have found the self-expression achieved through dance is a non-judgemental and seen as a positive by both the teachers and the student. With many dances done as a team activity it further promotes cooperation and teamwork among the age groups.

How can we help? River City Gymnastics and Dance offers a range of activities for young children. The Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet programs are recognised programs, as seen on the TV program Ready Set Dance on Nick Jnr. Our Ready Set Dance programs offer combo class of JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP, SINGING and MUSIC or Ballet and are a whole lot of fun!  More information is available on our website.

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