Reformer Pilates as a full body workout in Morningside

Reformer Pilates as a full body workout in Morningside, Seven Hills, Hawthorne and Murarrie. What benefits can I potentially expect from Reformer Pilates as an exercise programme?

The benefits of specific reformer Pilates based exercise programmes have ben proven to provide multiple health benefits to those who undertake regular exercise using reformers.

At LexieJ Reformer Pilates a skilled team of professionally trained coaches will work with you to secure these benefits through an individually targeted programme At LexieJ we can give personal attention by deliberately minimising class sizes so your personal goals and the benefits of meaningful feedback are given on your progress.

What can you expect from LexieJ Reformer Pilates?

There are a range of proven benefits from reformer Pilates programmes. At LexieJ Reformer Pilates we will initially speak with you to identify the key benefits you want to focus on and the programme will be tailored in such a way that you can best realise your goals.  The benefits possible are wide ranging.

With a Full-Body Workout Reformer Pilates provides a comprehensive workout that targets multiple muscle groups, including the core, arms and legs. If your needs vary or you have rehabilitation goals we focus the programme on that aspect that you most want. Variety in Exercises: The reformer machine allows for a wide range of exercises, keeping the workout interesting and challenging1.

Reformer Pilates exercise programmes have been shown to

  • Increase flexibility and balance enhancing overall physical performance
  • Low impact exercise is gentle on joints.
  • Regular activity improves posture which then can alleviate back pain.
  • The need for concentration on the actions of your body in classes can provide mental clarity and reduce stress.

These benefits contribute to the enjoyment and satisfaction customers find in Reformer Pilates classes.  Our lead instructor, Alexis, has assisted many people in her career to date and as a former dual international level athlete herself has the insight to help whether you are a beginner or an athlete. You can be assured Alexis and her team have the insights to help you as an individual.

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